Our goal is to save our customers time and money.
By having International Benefits Systems handle your insurance needs, you will receive the following:

  • Aggressive plan-shopping and carrier negotiation - We represent YOU, not the insurers. As benefits specialists, we scour the marketplace on a year-round basis at both the national and local levels.

  • No Surprise Renewal Policy - No more last-moment renewal quotes that lead to artificially inflated premiums.

  • Assistance with claims - This service is twofold. First we gather information as it pertains to the group for renewal price negotiations. Second, we assist employees and families in resolving claim problems or billing issues to their best fair outcome.

  • Viable plan-design strategies - We tailor plan-design recommendation to your corporate culture. Is a consumer driven health plan (CDHP) right for organization? Should you add or alter a wellness program? Should you switch to or from a self-insured plan? We provide guidance on these and other mission-critical areas.

  • Reduced HR administrative time - Make benefits administration someone else's headache (ours) and provide creative and useful employee communications on your behalf.

  • Timely carrier updates - You are informed when carrier changes affect you. You receive only the most pertinent, up-to-date information.

  • Employee service - With our benefits program, employees deal with a single dedicated service rep to answer all their enrollment and claims questions.

We look forward to working with you!


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